What is “Flow” and How Can it Help You Grow Personally & Professionally?

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Have you ever heard yourself or others saying, “I was in the flow” or “I got in a zone”? This is a real thing that can have a seriously positive impact on your efficiency, effectiveness and overall performance. 

A study published in McKinsey Magazine defined being in the flow as:

“A mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”

Getting into the flow occurs at the Gamma energy level.

The study found,

 “Most top level executives are 5X more productive when in the flow”. 

This means that they could accomplish what others could do in a 5 day period in just one day. We could all use more of that, right? So how do we spend more time in the flow? 

All of these are critical:  

  • Having role clarity
  • Clearly understanding objectives
  • Having the knowledge and access to resources to get the job done
  • Meditation
  • Heart-brain coherence. What is this? “Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation,” HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty says. “It is a state that builds resiliency – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes.” (source Heartmath.org)

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