Top 5 COVID-19 Marketing Tips


1. Customer Empathy

Place a “supportive message” on the main banner of your website homepage. Update your company telephone message and oh-hold messages with a simple, supportive message. Never exploit a crisis with an overly aggressive pitches or profiteering. Communicate directly via phone or email to your existing members/donors/supporters and other stakeholders (employees, vendors), reassuring them that you are here to help, with specific actions if possible.

2. Tell relevant, authentic stories — and give, give, give

Content marketing that's rich in storytelling can be very powerful. Sharing one individual's story has proven to be particularly so. Consider a relevant, crisis-related “cause” that aligns with your brand so your organization can donate time and/or money to; communicate this cause in all customer communications, e.g., XYZ brand/company supports the Medical Emergency Relief International. Think of new ways your product or service can be used to assist or support the crisis.

3. Be agile for the new normal

Offer assistance to your members. Host video meetings whenever possible. Consider if there a subscription-based solution you can provide and market at a reasonable rate?

4. Paid ads are really, really cheap

Ad networks make money through an auction system. They need small businesses to drive up the cost per click (CPC) for ads so the big, billion-dollar corporations have to spend more money on ads. If you have fewer small businesses advertising (like we're seeing now) there isn’t as much competition, so the CPC decreases. In other words, traffic on the web is up and there are fewer advertisers. This means ads are cheaper.


5. Offer education based training

Use video chat in unique ways like offering a 20 GrubHub gift card to attendees of a virtual lunch and learn.


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