This past year magnified the need for soft skills.

Research has proven the need for emotional intelligence (EI) and its impact on organizational success. But that’s only half of the picture. While EI is the awareness and management of self, social intelligence (SI) is the awareness and relationship with others, making it also critical in the workplace.

By blending social and emotional wellness practices, you can help your team members, organization and those your serve not just survive but thrive.

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S+EI Leadership

We are now seeing an unprecedented interest from the C-suite on mental health. It’s clear that the well-being and mental resilience of your employees is going to be crucial for productivity and your bottom line.

S+EI Marketing

Mastering socially & emotionally intelligent marketing means being able balance your brand tone with your audience’s feelings, needs and relationship needs.

S+EI Coaching

Life happens so providing ongoing coaching reinforces the skills needed to navigate real-time challenges and opportunities.   



26 SEI Competencies

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