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The word "nonprofit" sounds like it's lacking or without something, doesn't it? These wonderful organizations move mountains for the community but can run thin on time and resources, especially this year.

Nonprofits are purpose-driven and have a far-reaching impact that actually changes lives. That pretty much makes them superheroes in my book.

Imagine what your nonprofit could accomplish with a proven expert to help you better build and maintain momentum.

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Jenna Rhodes

Jump Start Coalition


“If you’re a nonprofit that needs help with strategy, brand evaluation or marketing, look no further. Bound For Growth has been a huge part of making our event a success this year!”

Bunny Higgins

Heartstrings Community Foundation

Executive Director

"A wonderful influencer who is thoughtful, creative, enthusiastic...and am blessed to call my friend."

Every nonprofit is on a unique path with different needs

From streamlining marketing operations to growing engagement and increasing donations, Bound for Growth is invested in your journey.