How to Support Sales with a Success Packet

Success packet

Making it easy for potential supporters to do their due diligence during their evaluation is extremely advantageous. Especially if you serve local businesses or business minded-individuals, they'll want to research who you are, what you're about, what you offer and the impact you have in the community.

Here are the 6 components of an effective Success Packet.

1.  Background

Introduce your organization, its expertise, partnership and offerings.

2.  Impact

Highlight the results you've generated including strategic wins, program performance, fundraising, community involvement, business partnerships and sales.

3.  Feature Programs/Services

Feature your top businesses, products or services with a primary graphic, overview, bulleted benefits and calls toaction.

4.  Supporters

Spotlight your top supporters and include business logos (if applicable) and testimonials.

5.  Management Team

Include the name, head shot, title and bio of each management team member.

6.  Board of Directors

Similar to the management team page, include the name, position and head shot for each Board member. Bios can be used if desired.

Once, the packet is finished, don't forget to incorporate it into your website, so visitors can easily access and download.

*Download Success Packet Template

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