How To Keep Your Brand Relevant In The Midst of COVID-19


What might have seemed "normal" six or even 3 months ago is not necessarily so today. Considering the circumstances, many organizations have respond well in the wake of COVID-19. We've also all seen some who've missed the mark and may not fare as well on the other side of this. Ultimately, staying relevant and empathetic will win big points in the long run.

These questions are designed to help you explore key areas of your brand and determine if it's time to evolve.


  • How are you helping others - giving to front-line workers and offering support - during this time?
  • How are you demonstrating that "we're all in this together" and "we're here to help"?
  • Would someone say that your organization shows that it cares?
  • Do you have an outreach plan in place?


  • Do you have physical or in-person activities that could be shifted to digital and virtual?
  • Are you making 1-on-1 calls to top donors / members to check in?
  • Is there a subscription based service you can offer?
  • Are you offering assistance, where possible?


  • Are you demonstrating empathy?
  • Are you inspiring and injecting a sense of optimism?
  • Are you making a promise to help?


  • Do images show people gathering in groups?
  • Are there images of people touching?
  • Are you portraying people working from home if applicable?


  • Would a reader think, "That's me" or "I feel that way" when reading your copy?
  • Are you putting the spotlight on those who are doing the essential work or are supporting those doing the work?
  • Are you telling individual stories about impact?

After addressing these questions, you'll better see where you stand and can start identify pain points and improvement opportunities.

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