Fundraising Must Evolve to Survive

Evolve Fundraising

Nonprofits are scrambling just like for-profit businesses. They are struggling to get their arms around retaining donors, replacing or finding new income streams and they will likely have to adjust their services and overall fundraising efforts to survive, especially regarding events.

Since my client base is nonprofits, I've been soaking up as many webinars and resources that I can get my hands on. After joining a recent webinar from CharityHowTo, about Fundraising in the Time of Coronavirus: How to Manage and Modify Your Fundraising, my creative juices starting flowing.

Current Status

Existing donors will likely give less. New donors may give but at smaller increments.

  • Move away from heavily relying on events
  • Create smaller ways to give
    • ex: How $10/mo ($120/yr) makes a big impact.
  1. DO NOT cancel fundraisers. At least do what you can online.
  2. Create new programs/services and campaigns VERY QUICKLY. Speed is more important than perfection.

Focus on what can be facilitated online. Making this subscription based helps to make them scalable.

  • Offer webinars - with other key industry players
  • Host online luncheons
  • Create employer matching promo
  • Create monthly giving promo
 Marketing channels - According to level of priority
  1. Digital
  2. Direct mail (letter w/donation form)
  3. Radio
 Key Messaging
  • With social distancing and quarantines, there is more of a need for your support.
  • Fight this virus in a meaningful way. If you don't need all of your stimulus money, consider giving it to us.
  • Please help make up for the disastrous drop in income. Our work continues and will be needed long after this crisis is behind us.
  • Focus on (BOTH) serving and losing revenue because of COVID-19 but have one lead the message.

Feeling overwhelmed? If you're a nonprofit, take advantage of a FREE consult and recommendations. Get in contact.