Development Operations Manuals – Not Exciting but Necessary for Efficiency

marketing operations

Development includes large buckets like marketing, events, fundraising and branding, While these are individual complicated worlds, they should also play well together...ideally anyway.

This dynamic, multi-layered matrix can leave gaps for assumptions, frustrations and overall inefficiencies. Even more so with events.

Just by clarifying these 2 pieces of your marketing operations puzzle, you'll start noticing a relaxed, more confident team and maybe even a considerable reduction in basic questions that you likely field (Am I right?)

How to start:

  1. Server/Drive Development Folder Sitemap
  • Make it easy for people to find what they need.
  • Start with big buckets like Marketing, Events, Operations, etc.
  • Move on to main folders for initiatives or components.
  • Organize by year and keep previous years in ARCHIVE folder.
  • Share it with the team so it can be easily referenced by all.

For example,

Folder sitemap

2. Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Especially after any transition, clarify who does what.
  • Include a column for each team member.
  • List out each task.
  • Indicate level of responsibility. Depending on your team and size, this may be a simple "x" for sole ownership or you can take a more detailed approach (like below).
  • Share it with your team so it can be easily referenced by all.

For example,


The good news is you don't need to hammer out a complete marketing operations manual. Baby steps always count. so if nothing else, start with one document with one thing that answers a question about who does what, where something is or how something is done. Then, as new questions arise and decisions are made, you can add to it...keeping everything in one place.

When shared with others, they can start better answering their own questions and become more self-sufficient and efficient overall.

A win-win for everyone!