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David Mills


Regional Sales Manager

“Dependable, trustworthy, and creative ... everything you want in an outstanding visionary partner!”

Larry Hayes

eCU Technologies


"A gifted combination of emotional intelligence and creativity allowing for off-the-charts execution as well as a watchful eye for what's next."

Calvin Cherry

ASE Credit Union

Former VP of Marketing

"It's rare to find a partner with such a wide range of experience working on cross-department initiatives within the credit union and the tenacity to get the job done."

CU expertise matters

Worked with over 35 CU's & CUSO's nationwide

Reshaped 20+ credit union industry brands

6+ yrs leading brand & product campaigns

Emphasis in mortgage marketing

Official Marketing Partner for Gateway CUREN

Returning the love

Your credit union deserves a partner that invests in your success by offering not-for-profit rates and more.


For people, not profit

At the core of every credit union is it's members, not profits. And because their purpose is to serve the community, there is an inherent drive and passion, unlike other financial institutions.

As someone who is equally passionate about service, I quickly bonded with the credit unions and CUSO's I served. This helped me create a keen understanding of how to help them evolve through better communication, connection and engagement with their field of membership.

After 6+ years of serving these not-for-profit powerhouses, I believe in them now more than ever and will do my best to ensure they shine bright in their communities for decades to come.

Every CU has a unique set of goals, challenges and needs

From streamlining operations to increasing engagement and growing product participation, Bound for Growth is invested in your journey.

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