Do more with less

The good news is that over the past year most organizations have become more resilient. The bad news is many marketing teams have had to run extra lean and cover more ground than ever before.

Lead your evolution or revolution by developing and flexing new skills.



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Social Media

Project Management

File & Asset Organization

Reporting & Metrics


Team Development

Strategic Planning

Marketing Operations

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Inbound Marketing

Coaching, Alignment

Social+Emotional Intelligence

Performance Tracking

Development Strategies

Marketing requires a truckload of grit on a good day.

So how the heck can you successfully grow when...'re having to do more with less?

...your mission isn't on the front lines or "critical"?

...your competition is sending out emergency appeals faster than you can think?

...your board members aren't engaged or participating in selling?'re scared of looking desperate or vulnerable to your donors or members? don't know how to ask, what to say or how to say it? have naysayers (or a crippling voice in your head) saying you're selfish or insensitive to fundraise or market your services right now?

Marketing has never been more important or demanded so much courage.

Fail at marketing now and you might not recover.

Panicking and crawling under your covers?  Not an option.

Now is the time to...

…confidently make your case

…deepen lucrative member or donor relationships

…write the best email appeal you’ve ever written

…cut through your audience's crowded inbox to win their hearts, minds & wallets

How will you do it?

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Kat Anstine and I am just as passionate about making the world a better place as you are. It took a lot of reflection, inspiration and grit to get to where I am today and I'd like to share what I've learned with you.

I've become a unique hybrid over the last 17 years, having worked in all areas of marketing and development for B2B, B2C, nonprofits and not-for-profits and holding positions like Chief Operating Officer, Ad Director, Director of Development and Marketing Director.

I've coached marketing teams resulting in 24 national performance-based marketing awards but nothing excites me more than seeing my clients accomplish their goals and feel fulfilled.

I have helped organizations streamline their efforts, delight their members/donors, and love their jobs…all because I use proven systems and methods.

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Kat Anstine - Founder & CEO

"If I do my job well, eventually you may not need me. And that makes me smile."

Certified Coach

Presenter &

Marketing Partner

Marketing Partner

VP of nonprofit

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