By combining forces with purpose-driven organizations, we can all grow forward together.

As the youngest of 6 kids, I've always been a natural helper, peacemaker and problem-solver. Marketing intrigued me with endless opportunities to create order out of chaos. I was a natural and quickly excelled, starting at the bottom and working my way up to Marketing Manager, Agency Director and eventually a Chief Operating Officer of a marketing CUSO (credit union service organization).

It was in the nonprofit / not-for-profit space where I found others that shared my level of passion for serving other.

Those who know me and have worked with me say I have a knack for listening, seeing opportunities and empowering others to rise up and hone their passions. I’ve been called an “efficiency spaz”, “fixer”, “solutionist” or just ”the one to get it done” regardless of what it is. Basically, I became a marketing/communications ninja and professional gap-filler.

After a 17+ year career, I'm now well-versed in managing diverse teams, aligning internal and external communications, creating new revenue streams, reinventing brands, handling conflict management, coaching, team development and executive reporting to CEO's and Boards of Directors.

In 2017, I found myself with unexpected and extensive downtime due to health issues. In order to stay (relatively) sane, I needed to create something useful and meaningful out of such an extremely challenging experience.

Creating Bound for Growth allowed me to channel my energy into my two passions, continual growth and development and sharing my knowledge with those dedicated to serving the greater good.   

My Purpose

To unlock the potential of for-purpose organizations so they can create the most impact possible.

My Mission

To give back to organizations and infuse growth to further support the communities they serve.

My Promise

To empower those who serve the greater good.

Official Fancy-Pants Bio

Armed with a background in marketing, management, operations, implementation and coaching with B2B, B2C, nonprofits and not-for-profits, Kat Anstine created Bound for Growth® to empower those that serve the greater good.  

Kat has been blessed with a successful, 17+ year career as a strategist, marketing expert and certified Social & Emotional Intelligence coach and leading amazing, talented, and award-winning teams.

She uses her business to flex her listening, curiosity and creativity muscles, and enjoys every step of the process, no matter where the journey starts. She loves music, painting, traveling and spending time with her hero of a husband, friends and beloved family.

Kat Anstine - Founder & CEO

Certified Coach

Presenter & Judge 

Official Marketing Partner

VP of Nonprofit,  

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