6 Steps to Restructure your Outreach Plan

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With so many challenges facing nonprofit development and marketing efforts, it’s necessary to zoom out and reexamine your outreach plans. If you don’t already have a formal plan outlining your strategy and tactics, now is the time to create one. (Download an example here.)

There are 6 steps in creating successful Outreach Plan.

  • Strategy

    Remember the 5 I's - identify, inform, interest, involve, invite. What approach will have the most impact and generate the desired, long-term results? What does the timeline look like?

  • Operations

    Re-examine who is doing what, when and for how long. What metrics should be used for monitoring performance?

  • Communication

    Outreach is a cyclical process: ask, thank, report back, ask... Don't ask again, until you've shared how previous participation made an impact. Which channels will you use?

  • 1-on-1 Calls

    Analyze current supporters and create a call list of top donors, members, supporters and sponsors. Reach out schedule appointments to check in, learn more about them and explore opportunities.

  • The Ask

    Be unapologetic. They know your cause needs funding and they shown enough interest by this point to go for it!

  • Onboarding

    Once you get new people to participate, you're not done yet. How can you welcome and thank them so they feel special? How and when do you go about sustaining or increasing their involvement? Are you asking them to help take ownership in the cause?

Taking the time to think through these pieces now will help ensure you're set you up for strategic, long-term growth.

* Download Example Plan *

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