5 Time Hacks for Busy Marketers in 2021

time hacks

Over the years, I’ve coached many teams and marketing professionals; most of whom were very knowledgeable with impressive skill sets. So, when their performance suffered, the problem wasn’t what they did – it was how they were managing their time - so they were able to focus on what they did best.

Here are the ways most people can gain control amidst the chaos and start managing their time instead of time managing them.

  1. Make the most of meetings

  • Make or ask for an agenda.
  • Come prepared with ideas and
  • Bring a device to look up info as questions arise. Keep in mind that it can also be a distraction to have devices in a meeting, so try to only use it for immediate research purposes related to that meeting. 
  • Clarify delegation and next steps.
  1. Schedule everything

Whether it’s a Google Calendar or physical calendar, keep track of everything in one place. I used physical calendars for many years before making the life-changing decision to move online since it’s so easy to make adjustments and keep other parties easily updated too. Especially now that most events and meetings are virtual, you have easy access to links, logins and agendas all in one place. I even use my calendar for scheduled reminders and tasks.

  1. Make the last 5 minutes count

The last thing to do before calling it a day is to list action items for the next day. This helps get them off your mind during your personal time and helps you hit the ground running each day.

  1. Keep a project tracker

One of the biggest compliments I get is how organized I am. It’s true, I’m an efficiency spaz. Since I began managing clients and teams, it’s been beneficial to everyone involved to have a project tracker. Keeping it updated makes it really easy to send weekly updates or prepare monthly status meetings. Especially when multiple people or teams are involved, it keeps everyone informed, on the same page and moving forward.

  1. Focus on solutions

If you really think about it, we waste a whole lot of time thinking about challenges, people and what’s wrong with everything. That’s just how the human brain works. With some practice, you can actually train your brain to focus more on opportunities and solutions and become a solutionist. This biological time-saver frees up all of that wasted energy to then funnel into doing or being.

After coaching professions over the past decade and a half, I’m confident that if you practice these five things, you’ll fall into a rhythm that brings about a greater sense of peace, confidence, accomplishment and making an even bigger difference in the lives of those you serve.