4 Ways to Give Thanks This Holiday Season

Giving thanks_cropped

The holiday season is the perfect time for your organization to show thanks to its members. If you’re stuck trying to think of fun, innovative ways to show your appreciation, we’ve got some A++ ideas right here:

  1. Show Thanks on Social Media

There’s more to saying thanks on social media than simply telling someone “thank you.” Be daring. Show some initiative. One way you can take it a step further is by offering exclusives. Is it a dreary Monday? Post a re-loadable Starbucks gift card on your Facebook page and express your appreciation to your followers by saying that coffee is on your CU this morning. Simple gestures can mean the most.

  1. Appreciation Day

Despite the chilly weather, you can still host a fun member or donor appreciation day on-site – even if it has to be inside. Expressing gratitude online is great, but showing that appreciation in person is more, well, personable. This event could be a members or donors only V.I.P. affair or a come-and-go holiday party. The choice is yours! If your members or donors know that you’re willing to put in the time and effort to make them feel valuable, they’ll value you, too.

  1. Holiday Food Drive

Have you heard that some of your members or donors families are a little down on their luck this holiday season? Your organization can help! Host a holiday food drive in the community, and you can gift the food you receive to those in need. By showing that you care for your members or donors as people and not only as supporters, you are humanizing your organization and proving how much you care.

  1. Make a Call 

Remember the days when you couldn’t send someone a text? Remember making a phone call? Calling a member or donor to say thanks is a common sense practice. People are more inclined to continue to do business with or support those who are appreciative. People will fondly remember a personalized phone conversation because it’s not the dreaded, “We’ve got business to discuss” call.


When it comes to making an impact this holiday season, two words can make all the difference. Just say “thank you.”