20 Strategic Marketing Questions


Strategic marketing is a highly dynamic and multi-faceted science. So, when someone asks the big question, "hey, how's marketing going?", do you know how to answer?

First, get your arm around the givens then move into the must-know's:

  1. How’s the organization and marketing going, in general?
  2. What are your marketing goals?
  3. What makes the organization different, unique and useful?
  4. What challenges are you currently facing?
  5. Are these challenges worth solving?
  6. What are the possible implication of not finding and implementing the right solutions?
  7. Have you tried solving these issues in the past? What happened
  8. Who is currently handling marketing initiatives? In-house or with an outside marketing support? If both, do you know who's doing what and if internal resources are being optimized?
  9. When does the new budget year start
  10. How is the marketing budget funded?
  11. When do you start planning for next year’s budget?
  12. What efforts do you make to ensure your proactively marketing throughout the year?
  13. Are there any initiatives that you would like to begin making an impact this year?
  14. Are there any plans to grow your offerings or services?
  15. What is your current marketing mix?
  16. What have you tried that didn’t work?
  17. How do you currently engage with your members/donors and the community?
  18. How are you tracking the performance of your marketing initiatives?
  19. How are your marketing initiatives currently performing?
  20. What do other organizations do to compete that you like, but you aren’t currently doing but thing you could do better?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you'll have a handle on your marketing's gaps and strengths and have an educated answer to the big question.

If you need help translating these and other details into action, check out this starter Strategic Marketing Plan.